The Sensit Yoga Retreat with Maja Zilih

Sensit Yoga Retreat is a unique experience of reaching new depths of awareness through a sensitive yoga practice. Surrounded by a mesmerizing natural environment and feeling our body on a deeper level, we start to feel truly at home with ourselves.

The Sensit Yoga practice and movement

The program consists of twice daily practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Each session guides us into our inner sources of strength, creativity and freedom, by journeying us through different tissues and inner spaces like fascia, bones, organs, fluids, and diaphragms. We cultivate whole-body awareness by experiencing how every single part of the body is weaved into a greater whole. We become conscious of different connections of our inner spaces and structures, which brings forth an optimally supported inner alignment, to be expressed in the outer motion and yoga postures. We do not impose or manipulate the body into postures, but rather use the asana practice as a platform for listening to the signals that the body communicates. The movement is mainly slow, with relaxed presence and increased sensitivity. This enables us to recognize the places in the body that accumulate unnecessary tension. We learn how to release this tension by initiating movement from different points, by directing our attention and breath, and by relying on gravity in particular ways. When the energy that was holding the accumulated tension gets unleashed, the result is an energized, joyful and effortless way of moving and being.

Listening to and sensing our body

The state of listening to our inner body called interoception (or Pratyahara in yogic terms) makes our practice physically more simple, yet awareness-wise a much deeper experience. Meditation comes easily as a natural continuation in stillness of the meditative state that was already present in the movement. Sensit Yoga contributes immensely to our process of healing and growth. We begin to create a new habit of honoring the body and listening to its guidance. It becomes much easier to tune into its signals, develop our intuition, recognise when we are falling into the habitual unhealthy patterns and automatic reactions, and start to build new patterns of more conscious living.