You can get to Paros either by boat or plane.


By plane:
Aegean Air is the company that flies from Athens to Paros so far. Make sure you book your tickets well in advance because it’s difficult to find availability during the summer months.
For information, visit:

Another option is a charter flight to Mykonos island and then a 45-minute boat ride to Paros.


Coming by boat from Athens there are two options:
Pireaus port and Rafina port.

1) Rafina port is closer to the airport and you can get there either by taxi or bus.
By bus will take you about 45 minutes and it costs 3 Euros.
By taxi it will take you less time but more money.

2) Piraeus port is further from airport than Rafina, and you can get there by bus, metro or taxi. The metro and bus are both very convenient because they will leave you just a few meters from where you get the boat to Paros.
Both the bus and the metro take about one hour (the bus a little longer maybe depends on the traffic) to get to Piraeus and cost 10 Euros.

The 2 companies that sail to Paros is Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.
BlueStar ferries takes about 4:30 hours andruns twice a day with tickets starting at 33 euros
Hellenic Seaways takes about 2:45 hours with tickets starting at 45-50 euros.


When you are in Paros, you can either catch the bus from Parikia (port of Paros) to Naousa and then a taxi to Okreblue, or a taxi straight to Okreblue.
We can always arrange a taxi transfer (a taxi to be waiting for you at the port or airport).